How To Play Guitar

One of the questions most frequently asked of me and my team of Guitar teachers is:

“How can I improve my ability to play Guitar and sing at the same time?”

Whether you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, a lead Guitarist singing backing vocals, or a busking-one-man-band, this is a vital skill for any musician who is even semi-serious. So here are 3 top tips on how to improve your playing Guitar and to sing at the same time:

How to play guitar

Tip 1: Nail The Guitar Part!

It’s important to learn como aprender tocar violão part second nature before you can add your vocal part. You need to know the Guitar part inside-out. It’s as though you need to be able to play it while doing something entirely different, (because you do – singing!). Aforementioned is the same principle as an experienced car driver being able to talk while they drive, (or more pertinently, sing along to their vehicle radio) were perhaps a learner driver couldn’t. Driving comes naturally with experience, due to all the practice and expertise of a repetitive sequence of actions. Your playing needs to be the same. Know it and know it well, so your singing has a solid canvas and not an awkward distraction.

Tip 2: Isolate The Hard Parts!

You’ll quickly discover that some songs or sections of songs come pretty easily, while others make you stumble and stutter repeatedly. Making a mistake in the same part of a song repeatedly is extremely common. So much so that a tricky, repeatedly-fumbled stretch of music can become demonized in the player’s mind, and begin to take on a character of its own, meaning the musician starts to make errors even earlier. There’s only one thing to do here, and that nips it in the bud. Isolate the problem it may be and break it down into manageable pieces.

How to play guitar

The most frequently occurring reason a section of playing and singing is tricky is a contrast between the rhythm and timing of the Guitar part and the rhythm and timing of the vocal line. The thing to do here is to deconstruct the passage and plant some flags at the main points. Maybe you’ll find there’s a vocal emphasis on the offbeats (the spaces between the beats or down strums rather than on the beats/down strums themselves) – In this instance, the thing to do would be to use the beat immediately beforehand as a springboard, into this between-the-beats marsh land! The rhythm becomes your cue; space is where the music happens!

Take this principle on board more generally for your Music practice: Turn a song’s strange qualities to your advantage by using them as prompts and cues.

If you isolate and practice tricky parts slowly, they’ll be as easy as the easy parts are in no time at all!

Tip 3: Exaggerate The Rhythms!

OK, so these tips above are great, but they take a little bit of time. Not a problem for any dedicated Guitarist, but what can we do to make the song happen in the meantime?

The best advice here is to exaggerate the rhythms during song-learning and early-practice. Until the song is nailed, emphasize the rhythms, the strumming, and the heavy beats. You’ll end up with a version that although perhaps a bit too rhythmic and detached, can at least be played (and sung) within. Now you’re getting somewhere! From this starting point, you can now work on making the song smoother and more expressive, but from the standpoint of already having a perform able, in-progress version of the song.

How to play guitar

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