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Shiitake mushrooms with their woodsy, deep flavor and high protein value are more than simply food and fuel. These mushrooms contain compounds and energetic imprints that can affect our emotions, relieving grief and sorrow and bolstering feelings of happiness and joy.

Shiitake mushrooms can help us lose the winters blues, according to Dr. Sandra Williams of Lost Creek Mushroom Farm, a top-ranked producer of shiitake mushroom log kits. With over 25 years of working with the worlds second-most popular mushroom, she knows what shes talking about.

We say the New Year promises a fresh beginning, but the cold and dark can push us into an inner lack of light. We might regret how we failed to fulfill last years resolutions,” Williams believes. Our new resolutions can feel like a wall to be scaled rather than an exciting challenge that we can engage with enthusiasm.

Shiitakes are high in protein, low in fat and can actually lower cholesterol, making them ideal for weight-loss and health-improvement resolutions, Dr. Williams explained. They create feelings of happiness and joy. Ancient peoples in Asia, where shiitakes grow wild, ate them to ease sorrow and grief.

Mushrooms can provide support for both health and emotional wellbeing. Properties that have long been recognized and appreciated in Chinese medicine are now becoming better understood as scientific investigation proves their effectiveness in treating physical, mental and emotional disorders, the mushroom grower added.

Shiitakes are known for their ability to stimulate and strengthen the immune system. For people with frequent colds, flu, and for those with immune systems compromised by fast foods, stress and exhaustion, eating shiitakes regularly can support better health. For those with immune systems compromised by antibiotics and other prescription drugs, chemotherapies and radiation, Williams recommends mushroom supplements, available online and in health food stores. Shiitakes and shiitakes combined with reishi mushrooms, maitake mushrooms, and other immuno-stimulant fungi can help fend off complications and speed healing.

Williams is a strong proponent of shiitakes as medical support. In Japan and in more advanced cancer treatment centers here in the US, injections of shiitake and reishi compounds are used to treat cancer and to reduce the side effects and support recovery from chemo and radiation.

Shiitakes are considered a “pharmaceutical food” and can be eaten raw, fresh or dried, steamed without fat, baked, broiled and charcoaled, and Dr. Williams’ favorite, “saut

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