Vitiligo is a skin condition that is characterized by large or small white spots on the surface of the body. This is as a result of generalized abnormality of the human immune system. Though, there is a dearth or lack of traditional treatment for the condition, there are ways you can curb or halt Vitiligo. With natural treatment, you can get rid of the white spots and also treat the condition. Though, a lot of people have complained about natural treatments; the fact that only home remedies work efficiently make them interesting options.

There are different types of natural treatment for the condition that have been spoken about in the past. Some of them have been tested, and have been found to be very useful when it comes to curing it. Some of them can be found below:


Ever heard of Psoralen before? It is a natural components found in flowers and foods. It can be found in celery, which is one of the most beneficial veggies available. To supply your body with natural skin healing ingredients, you can add it to your diet. What Psoralen does is to help your skin increase natural reaction to sunlight.

You can also find it in Psoralen flower seeds, which helps in sensitizing skin to skin tanning in human when exposed to sunlight. Methods of administering the treatment to your skin include; oral therapy and terrific options.

St. John Wort

This is the most natural and perhaps, the safest natural cures for Vitiligo. It contains vital components that can be applied onto the surface of the affected areas of the skin. First you have to boil its flowers and leaves and filter its raw parts from the juice extract. It can be taken two to three times every day after meal.

Ayurvedic Medications

This is one of the ancient forms of Indian medicines that combine natural herbs and remedies to cure the condition. The main target of Ayurvedic medications is your digest tract. It is an alternative cure for the condition which requires recommendation of proper diet by experts, but with specific restrictions. This method enables your body to get rid of all toxins, and purify it with heat therapy.


This is an Indian herb that contains vital natural healing properties to treat various kinds of skin conditions including Vitiligo. It works by inducing re-pigmentation of your skin. It used widely as natural form and herbal medications.

Lemna Minor

Also known as wild duckweed, Lemma minor is a vital home remedy for treating the condition. It works by reactivating melanocytes, which, promotes re-pigmentation of the skin. It is easy to prepare because all you need to do is to grind it, add honey, and take just a teaspoon two times each day.

Gingko Biloba

This is one herb that has shown significant success when it comes to treating Vitiligo. It has a high success rate in terms of skin re-pigmentation.

The truth about Vitiligo is that it can be managed, especially with the right home remedies.

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