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Yeah, Right!Perhaps the question should be: Have you ever thought it possible to overcome an addiction without willpower? Most of us live our life accepting our vices, oftentimes struggling with the destructive consequences of behaviors such as overeating, drinking, smoking, or daily loading up on mochas. Do you know anyone who doesn’t repeatedly do something she or he doesn’t want to do, that isn’t good for him or her? Are you that person? An addiction doesn’t have to be a full-blown, life-destroying pattern like heroin addiction; just reaching for that extra piece of pie when you know you shouldn’t qualifies. How many of us can’t go a day with no coffee without enduring vicious coffee headaches and cravings? Addictions, whether severe or seemingly harmless, hurt our self-esteem and confidence. Wouldn’t you like to be completely in control of yourself? Wouldn’t you like to be able to say what you are going to do concerning your diet, your exercise habits, your sleeping habits – any of your habits – and do it? Wouldn’t you like to have that kind of control without struggle, but rather with ease and fun?

In our modern, advanced era, we can use our technology and information to put a stop to unwanted behavior. The fields of psychology, hypnotherapy, nutrition, and others have unlocked many secrets of the human psyche and why we do the things we do. Now we can easily “reprogram” ourselves to naturally and easily do the things we want to do for ourselves. We can eat healthy, exercise, stop drinking, and more – without willpower.

Divine InspirationI first had the idea that I could overcome an addiction without willpower when I found out that less than 2 percent of people, after recovering from a terminal illness by eating living foods (organic uncooked fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts, also called the raw food diet), were unable to stay on a living food diet. I was inspired by this fact, but did not take action until I found myself to be one of those 98 percent of people. I could not eat healthy even though I already knew many tasty recipes, had overcome a life-threatening illness through living foods, and had had a routine of eating raw for many months. I realized I was a food addict, and a bad one.

A Long RoadI had been eating living foods almost exclusively for over two years, and yet I found it impossible to go back after one night indulging in a hamburger, soda, and piece of cheesecake. I was addicted to carbohydrates, sugar, and junk food in general. After two years of using my willpower to eat healthy, I didn’t have the resolve to do it again. I decided to follow my heart and put my full energy into the inspired idea I had months before: to create a program in which I could overcome all my addictions…without willpower. It took me over 18 months to develop, but thanks to my expertise in nutrition, hypnotherapy, psychology (mental and emotional healing), martial arts, Causing Peace, energy healing, and spirituality, all the pieces finally came together. I created How to Overcome Addictions Without Willpower.

It Works!!I put myself through the program right away. I had a goodbye pizza and beer ritual the night before I began, and I went to sleep knowing I was done with not choosing foods that made my body feel good. I woke up the next day and began eating 100 percent living foods and taking healthful supplements (which are imperative to the success of the program). When I experienced cravings, I used the technology I created for healing emotional traumas quickly, called The 7-Steps to Reprogramming Myself. Once the sadness or anger that I was feeling was eliminated, so were the cravings. A couple of times I wanted to get some beer or pizza to numb the feelings, instead of healing my heart. But I just couldn’t seem to get off the couch, so I looked at what was going on and healed the pain instead. I self-hypnotized myself to eat healthy. Now I actually have to use willpower to eat junk! Self-hypnosis is an integral part of the program.

I’m Not the Only OneMany other people have since gone through this program, either as a coaching client of mine or after taking one of my courses that included the program, with similar results. Thank God!

Modern Alcohol TreatmentPart of the confirmation that I was on the right path came from an article I read in a recent magazine. It stated that traditional alcohol treatment centers are only 20 percent effective after one year (I found out this is true of cocaine as well when my dad went to rehab years ago), but new centers that use nutritional therapy are 80 percent effective after one year. What if we were to combine the most advanced nutritional therapy with self-hypnosis, super-high speed emotional/mental healing, and healthy spiritual practices? Now you’re getting the idea: we really can be addiction-free individuals, without willpower. Willpower doesn’t work, anyway.

The ProgramThe concept is very simple. It’s a one month-long program that you do at home, eating healthy food while doing a powerful cleansing program and taking supplements. You keep a journal to release your emotions, create a supportive environment, and reprogram your subconscious. You practice The 7-Steps to Reprogramming Myself and heal the deep wounds that come up. Finally, you use spiritual practices like Causing Peace or prayer and deep breathing to keep yourself feeling light and good. That’s it! The results are beyond remarkable. They’re unbelievable. You can do the program on your own or you can hire a coach. After the month is over, you may be an addiction-free person, not to mention having lost weight if you need to, healed on all levels, and grown in unimaginable ways.

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