Genetics is said to have a lot of say when it comes to your hairline when you grow older. Dr. John Gray of P&G Hair Care Research Center tells us that the hairline we sports upon birth will likely be the type of hairline we will have when we grow old. This genetic influence goes the same for both men and women, the doctor further claimed. This prognosis is supported by Jane Fritsch in an article she wrote for New York Times, which stated that women can also become heirs to genes which have the propensity to hair loss. Nonetheless such hair loss is usually caused by thinning hair due to a lot of factors. A female receding hairline however is more dispersed than a man’s thus is not readily observable until early or late 30’s.

The presence of Dihydrotestosterone

Most hair loss and thinning of hair are caused by DHT (dihydrotestosterone) which is produced when 5-alpha reductase and testosterone combines. This combination creates havoc in your hair follicles, causing it to weaken and shrivel. This in turn triggers the thinning and falling of hair, which results to a receding hairline. Although hair loss is more pronounced in men because of the large amount of testosterone in their system, a female receding hairline is not a rare case. If a female is lucky enough to have inherited the inclination to over produce 5-alpha reductase, then she has the higher chance of experiencing receding hairline although this will not be as pronounced like a man’s.

Hair loss patterns in women

Like men, women also experience hair loss patterns. However, only a few acquire female receding hairline syndrome like many males do. Women who experience female-pattern hair loss gets this condition as the new hair growth are growing very thin, more fragile and shorter than the previous growth, which often results to translucent hair strands scattered throughout the head. Women’s hair loss and thinning of hair are more pronounced on the top of their head, where they usually divide their hair. This area is very much at variance with male-pattern hair loss.

Causes of hair loss

Although genetics influences the appearance of your hairline as you grow older, personal habits and lifestyle can also have great impact on the general health of your hair. Stress plays a major part in a female receding hairline as well as improper care of your scalp and hair. Stress, which is known to create havoc in the general state of health, can also cause hair loss and falling hair. Too much or improper brushing of your hair as well as regularly pulling it too tightly to a knot at the back can cause much strain in your hair which leads to falling hair and even a receding hairline. Another major cause for hair loss is hormonal imbalance.

Yes! Hormonal imbalances in women’s bodies can trigger mood swings, physical changes such as breakouts or zits and hair loss. Although hormones can be well-balanced by the ingestion of proper diet, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, there are some aspects in her life that sets off the imbalance. These factors include pregnancy, birth contraceptives, menopause, hormone replacement therapy and irregular menstruation cycles.

Psychological impact on women

While most men would take baldness and receding hairlines in stride, a female receding hairline is often tackled with much trepidation and much misgiving. The psychological effect of such condition is far very devastating on women, than on men. You might wonder why this is so. However, if you are quite familiar with how women value beauty and their hair as the crowning glory of such elegant beauty, you will stop wondering why they are much affected of receding hairlines than men. Most women who suffer from such condition would go through any lengths just to stop hair loss or regain their hair.

Hence, ascertaining what causes a female receding hairline is crucial to be able to determine the appropriate steps to take to solve the matter. When you know the reason, you will be able to narrow down the possible treatments or support to take to prevent or minimize hair loss.

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