What is a Paring Knife and how to choose the best paring knife?

Facing difficulties in Peeling fruits such as apples, de-stemming strawberries or turnips, deveining shrimp which means you’ll need to upgrade your knife set with a Paring Knife. A Paring knife has short and thin blades which allow you to have an outstanding control that it is vital when maneuvering in compact spaces.


The shape of the best paring knife is short which consists of a sharp tip which helps you to move quickly especially when moving in a circular motion. It’s vital to understand that when to use a paring knife, it can be utilized for de-stemming, de-seeding and removing blemishes with precision. Its agility is its strength which makes it ideal for taking apart shrimp or peeling and pitting an avocado. A Paring Knife can easily pierce the tough skin of vegetables or fruits. And if you are looking for a Best Paring Knife to be added to your kitchen set here are some of the best paring knives.


A Best Paring Knife is a knife which fits comfortably in your hand, and it’s necessary to handle the blade carefully with complex jobs like peeling cherries or olives. Here we have listed some of the best paring knife available in the market.

1) Victorinox Fibrox 3¼-Inch Paring Knife:

The Victorinox Fibrox is a budget-paring knife which has a 3-1/4-inch paring knife for coring which made from high-carbon steel and has a stain-resistant blade. It is recommended not to use a dishwasher for such kinds of knives to wash instead of that you can use Hand-washing to increase the life of the blade.


2) Mac Knife Professional Paring Knife:

Mac Knife is a heavy knife which has some features like a bolster, full tang and riveted Pakkawood handle. This knife is perfect for board work, although it can be used for in-hand work as it has a wider blade and razor-sharp edge. The blade made up of high carbon which is 2mm and has a rust-resistant and exceptionally sharp.


3) Wüsthof Pro Paring Knife:

Wüsthof Pro designed for the commercial kitchen it has a Poly handle and steel used for the blade is Rust-resistant. It has a comfortable plastic handle, and sharp edge for a good knife although the blade is a bit too short as compared.

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