Direct to Bangkok Cab Costs (Thailand).

The one thing to never request Bangkok cabs is “how much is it to….” you’ll probably be ripped off. In Bangkok, all cabs are metered as well as the only words required is the destination. Seem clueless ask questions, and you also become a clear goal. While most Bangkok cabs are genuine, it’s the tourist areas where you’ll probably discover the few that are dishonest. Tell them if a Bangkok taxi driver forgets to turn on the meter and get out if desired. While cab Bangkok costs consistently seem economical tip the fair people and instead please refrain from rewarding cheats.

Lately arriving in Bangkok Mo Chit bus station, I was pestered for 500 Baht on a 150 Baht Bangkok cab ride; I ignored them and walked to the metered cabs that are reliable only meters away. The next Bangkok cabs are never far away; the city is swarming with them. Note.. Don’t do anticipate occasional terror and expect seatbelts.


  • Cab Costs in Bangkok
    The bottom right corner of a taxi Bangkok windscreen has a red light that is square. Light on means accessible, light away means. Red light on with folks in means tricked, avoid this above. Cab Bangkok costs begin with a fixed meter of 35 baht. Traveling in Bangkok heart seldom surpasses 150 baht perhaps 200 baht for the outskirts that are nearer. Nevertheless, peak time traffic can frequently double these amounts, and it might be far better prevent taxis at these times (early mornings and early evenings). The fast and suitable Skytrain (BTS) and Metro (MRT) lines making the better choice. Also, take note as you’ll have to pay fees that are added on passing the booths of traveling on tollways.

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  • Traveling to/from Airports
    The sole additional cost on Bangkok cab costs is leaving at the airport where a 50 baht surcharge is set on the last meter cost. Again if using toll roads you’ll need to cover the toll fee. The journey from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the Bangkok city center Bangkok cab costs is around 200 Baht on 40 baht tollway the meter and 50 Baht airport surcharge. This will, needless to say, differ with time and places of the day but 300 Baht is a superb mark for traveling to and from the airport. Traveling to Suvarnabhumi Airport, there’s no airport surcharge. If traveling to or from Don Mueang airport (Low-Cost Carrier) anticipate similar costs. Give yourself at least 1-hour journey each method.


  • Long Distance Traveling by Bangkok Cab
    There are fixed taxi Bangkok costs additional and establish for traveling to neighboring cities, beyond Bangkok. I once began as a 5-mile excursion to Bangkok train station which strangely became a 500 mile, 6 hour Bangkok cab ride to Chumphon in Southern Thailand (traveling to Koh Tao). While long distance cabs continue to be inexpensive; don’t anticipate them to be comfy. After an hour or two in the journey, I was distressed to be on a train. The visit to Chumphon cost 3000 Baht with a 1000 Baht trick as the poor fellow had a 500-mile drive back to Bangkok.

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  • Reporting Taxi Drivers (1584)
    Hopefully, you Won’t ever want this. My advice will be to avert any beef in the very first place. Bangkok taxi drivers, when pissed, are unpredictable. Should you discover, issues attempt the Land Transport Department Hotline on 1584. I’ve just had one previous run in with a Bangkok taxi driver over a ‘ trick’ that is compulsory. We got out after a minute, and he demanded the cost of the meter, we paid him. I photographed the number plates. He leaps from the vehicle to assault me. As Fanfan yells for the authorities, he subsequently flees. I receive an SMS confirming an investigation after reporting the cab number to the hotline. Ten months after we receive a phone call to support the taxi driver was charged. Not worth the hassle.
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